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Graffiti is a way to express artistic value. Taggers use a variety of supplies to commit vandalism. The use of spray cans, markers, acrylics, streaks, and glass eater are just a few of many supplies available.


the_paint.jpg (15767 bytes)

---> Every tagger's dream! Having a room full of spray paint to last for a couple of weeks. These boxes are full sets that were successfully racked.

th_supplies.jpg (8438 bytes)

---> Spray cans, streaks, acrylics, woodcrafts, and pencil scribers are gathered before the vandals leave to the streets.

4finger.jpg (10364 bytes)

---> Four fingers are great for catching fat spots. It even works on all platforms.

glasseater.jpg (28490 bytes)

---> Glass eater is a felony offense if it's being used. It permanently stains  glass windows and will never come off. It sucks for businesses.

woodcrafts.jpg (11564 bytes)

---> Woodcrafts work dope on all surfaces and platforms. They come in different sizes and styles. Having a woodcraft is a tagger must!